CC:OTDS (Instrumentals)

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CC:OTDS (Instrumentals)

This fan favorite album is now even better, as we have removed those pesky vocals of Killator, Grimm and.. well, everyone else on this album.

This is a Limited Edition Print, also features an autograph from Stir Crazy under the CD tray.
Wow, it's like a framed autograph from a famous person, except it's Stir Crazy.

11 printed, but only 8 available (Killator, Grimm & Stir Crazy are keeping one each)

Each CD is numbered on back.

No reprints of this item. Get it while we got it. The price sucks, but other things probably suck worse.. so, buy this instead of something a millionaire made. Seriously though, the smaller quantity stuff cost more to make is all.