Corpse Circus Music Videos (VHS tape)


It's a god damn VHS of CC music videos (includes unseen footage & snips of videos that do not actually exist)

Total run time is 25 mins, except on the one blue tape, which is 50 mins (includes raw footage from Killy's Kitchen which has never been seen before)

Black Tapes have an additional 30 minutes of footage after the feature.
Green Tapes are only the main 25 min feature, no bonus feature (reason cost is higher is for that fancy slime green shell casing, currently only 1 left)

Limited to 30 made:
19 black tapes. (45 min duration)
10 green tapes. (25 min duration)
1 blue tape (50 min duration)


  • Black Tape
  • Green Tape
  • Blue Tape Sold Out