CC VHS Goodie Boxes

CC VHS Goodie Boxes

Limited to 8 made of each style, this is your chance to own these long out of print items.

The art has been slightly updated from the previous 2015 releases.

INSIDE: Lots of cool shit, so fuck you! Just buy it, it's rad af.

Ok, ok inside are lots of now out of print stickers & flyers, but also trading cards and cool items from both Corpse Circus & Horrible Home Video. Each box is jam packed with actual jam! WOW you love jam right? NO?! Fine, there is not any actual jam in it, we lied. Fuck man, you are really busting our balls here, and NOBODY bust my nuts, you got that pal? Do not bust my nuts. Instead buy a very limited item and be happy about your consumeristic needs being fulfilled.

Each Cases has unique items, example: Back to the Corpse has 2 magnets which are different than the two magnets that come with RoboCorpse.
Among other varying items, there are also some similar items too.
Made in collaboration with HorribleHomeVideo.Com

  • Corpse to the Future
    4 available 50%
  • Robo-Corpse
    5 available 63%