CC - VHS ON BLU-RAY - limited edition (Pre-Order)

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CC - VHS ON BLU-RAY - limited edition (Pre-Order)

We are taking orders now, this item will be released mid February (or sooner).

The Blu-Ray ISO file is already authored and done, the reason we estimate a February release is the time it will take to manufacture the Blu-Rays & the custom Slip covers.

OVER 4 HOURS OF CONTENT! We filled every free bit of space to jam pack this Blu-Ray for you.

Plus comes with a bonus CD of music (every song from the VHS feature, including "Cat Trapping" Instrumental & "Hello World" full song).

Fancy slip cover is optional (and is hand made by Killator)
Please note: final slip cover art may change slightly.

-New Commentary from Killator & Grimm for the VHS feature

-New "Worse VHS Audio" (Wow! It's the same audio but worse! How is this even a thing? Fuck it, we did that!)

-Child's Play movie & CC Commentary (with Mr. 8 Legz)

-Plan 9 from outer space movie & CC commentary

-In Other News (with additional commentary audio track from Killator & Grimm)

-Homeless cat (Short Film)

-Easter Egg

& that's all, but to watch everything on this disc will take you over 4 hours to, then let's not forgot the music cd. WOW BABY!

UNRATED & REGION FREE - you can play this anywhere as long as you have a Blu-Ray Player!

Comes in a double disc Blu-Ray Case.

Number of discs : 2 (1 Blu-Ray & 1 Audio CD)

Limited to only 25 printed, no exception.

The slip cover is made by Killator himself, as well there is a bonus CD.

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