CC - VHS ON BLU-RAY - limited edition (Pre-Order)

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CC - VHS ON BLU-RAY - limited edition (Pre-Order)

We are taking orders now, this item will be released mid February (or sooner).

The Blu-Ray ISO file is already authored and done, the reason we estimate a February release is the time it will take to manufacture the Blu-Rays & the custom Slip covers.

OVER 4 HOURS OF CONTENT! We filled every free bit of space to jam pack this Blu-Ray for you.

Plus comes with a bonus CD of music (every song from the VHS feature, including "Cat Trapping" Instrumental & "Hello World" full song).

Fancy slip cover is optional (and is hand made by Killator)
Please note: final slip cover art may change slightly.

-New Commentary from Killator & Grimm for the VHS feature

-New "Worse VHS Audio" (Wow! It's the same audio but worse! How is this even a thing? Fuck it, we did that!)

-Child's Play movie & CC Commentary (with Mr. 8 Legz)

-Plan 9 from outer space movie & CC commentary

-In Other News (with additional commentary audio track from Killator & Grimm)

-Homeless cat (Short Film)

-Easter Egg

& that's all, but to watch everything on this disc will take you over 4 hours to, then let's not forgot the music cd. WOW BABY!

UNRATED & REGION FREE - you can play this anywhere as long as you have a Blu-Ray Player!

Comes in a double disc Blu-Ray Case.

Number of discs : 2 (1 Blu-Ray & 1 Audio CD)

Limited to only 25 printed, no exception.

WHY IS THE SLIP VERSION SO EXPENSIVE? (well, because killator is making them by hand and is going to take his time doing that shit right, also might even include a slip cover protector just because).

  • No Slip Cover
    8 available 80%
  • With Slip Cover
    2 available 20%