Cheap Bootleg Tape

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Cheap Bootleg Tape

Read First: I'm using the same image as the better tape, but do not think for one second these are even half as good. They are only almost half as good, but I am also a picky son of a bitch.

Do not buy this item if you are expecting a high quality cassette tape of Evoke Often, if you want that, we have that. It also cost more.

So why are these so cheap?

These are the result of a mix up. That's the short version.

Why Killator hates this item: There is no inside print, or fold out on the cover. The cassette tapes have clear stickers applied to them, where as the better ones we have in stock have actual shell imprint. Also they are not wrapped and sealed.

Seriously, buy the other cassettes we sell. Unless you are just into cheaper quality (but you know how much Killator hates cheaply made shit).

Limited to 50 printed.

  • 21 available 53%