Corpse Circus - The Lost Album (CD)


PRE-ORDER ITEM (Ships early January) do not purchase other items with this unless you wish to wait for those as well (feel free to order Remixed & Retarded Remastered with this, as it too is a pre-order item)
Limited to 20 copies.

All songs have been freshly mixed & remastered for optimum sound.
For collectors only, this pressing is limited to 20 CDs.

This CD contains songs which featured former members, Thurston Howl, Durt Nap & El Pasty Guero.

Some songs were released with added verses from Thurston & Durt, and some were never released.. until now.

Zombie Chick (unreleased) (w/Thurston & Durt)
No Names (unreleased diss song) (just Thurston & Durt)
Ripped Panties (w/(w/Thurston & Durt))
Just Music (w/Thurston & Durt)
Don't Wake The Dead (Durt Nap)
From The Red Carpet To The Flea Market (Thurston Howl)
Blood & Lipstick (w/Thurston & Durt)
Wolf Piss (w/Thurston & Durt)
Beautiful Day (w/Thurston & Durt)
Alcohol In My Skull (original unreleased version w/Thurston & Durt)
Call The Cops (w/ Thurston & Durt))
Shade On My Shine (w/Grimm, Thurston & Durt)
White Kicks (w/Thurston & Durt)
Padded Room (w/Thurston)
I'm So Fresh (w/Thurston & Durt)
What's Love Got To Do? (w/ Thurston & Durt)
Corpse Circus Tattoo (Original Version w/ Thurston & Durt)
Floor Surface (w/ DWM, Thurston & Durt)
Fright Night (w/ Cinikill, Thurston & Durt)
Wash Ya Pussy (w/DWM)
Shit 2 Say (w/Thurston & Durt)

as well as Skits in between songs.