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Image of Custom CC Record or CD

Custom CC Record or CD

$100.00 - $300.00 — On sale

Note: Records only hold 44 minutes, cds hold 70 minutes. t
When buying list out a bunch of ideas in the order notes, and we will do what we can to make it happen, within reason (we can iron it out in an email session with you).

Option 1:
Custom CD or Record w/ Custom Art
(your fav songs & killy draws a new cover for you)

Option 2:
Custom CD/ Art/ Host/ & Remixes
(you pick some songs, Killy host it, and Killy & Drankenstein do some exclusive remixes, Grimm might even do a shitty remix for ya)

Option 3:
Drankenstein Remix CD or Record
You pick a few favorite song and Dranky does his thing just for you.
(cover is customized to show your name)

Option 4:
Your own ripped off remixes album
(you pick the songs, we do our best to remix them to some of your favorite beats, and you get a custom ripped off cover)

Option 5:
Diarrhe-mix album by Grimm.
(your rolling the dice with this one, cause one of you might get a 70 min cd of "never gonna give you up" and thats not a joke. so be warned.)

Please read ALL details below because fuck it I wrote it all out.

Would you like a custom made record or cd that only you own?

You pick out some of your favorite CC songs, killy & drankenstein will also do custom remixes, and you can get Killy to illustrate a new digital drawing just for your custom cd or record.

Add a list of 5 to 10 cc songs you love in the notes of your order.
Item will take 4 to 5 weeks to arrive.

If you want Killy to sign it as well just mention it in the notes.

All custom orders will be 100% exclusive to each buyer, no duplicate covers, no duplicate track lists.

The only way a duplicate will exist is if you buy more than one AND ask for duplicates.
Otherwise albums will be different.

Each CD or Record will be personalized to the buyer (unless instructed otherwise in the notes).

You can ask for Drankenstein to chop and screw a cc album, or songs of your choosing. (Cover is same with your name on it, play lists will vary to your requests)

You can ask Killy to make a play list he would bump in his ride.

Want a bonus song Diarrhe-mixed by Grimm? just ask!

Want a recording of lunchbox meowing for 30 mins? Just ask.

(due to time constraints we can not record new songs for these cds, but we can do new ripped off remixes, or chop & screws)

Want Killator to host it and shout you out? That's an option too!

We are not offering this forever, it's the end of the year and we need money to print the new album dropping in 2020.

List out a bunch of ideas and we will do what we can to make it happen, within reason (go easy on us).

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