Killator "Evoke Often" (Cassette Tape)

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Killator "Evoke Often" (Cassette Tape)

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the highly-anticipated album "Evoke Often" by none other than Killator - now available on a blood red limited edition cassette tape. Yes, you read that right - a cassette tape! But not just any cassette tape, this is an extremely rare collector's item of which only 50 exist in the world.

This album is a true work of art, featuring music production by the talented Killator, as well as an exclusive Stir Crazy Remix of the hit song "No Brain, Do Nothing". This remix is a gem that cannot be found on the CD version or the "Bootleg" edition cassette tape of "Evoke Often".

But that's not all - this album also boasts guest verses from the one and only Grimm Rapper, McNastee, and Gibby Stites. The album was mastered by the legendary Str8Jaket, ensuring the highest quality sound.

This limited edition cassette tape is an absolute must-have for die-hard Killator fans and cassette collectors alike. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a rare piece of music history. Hurry and grab yours before they're all gone - remember, only 50 were printed!

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