Garbage (All Past Versions)

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Garbage (All Past Versions)

Quantities are limited, 1st & 2nd editions have been in storage for a decade, and have not been available since the initial release. This is why the high price, generally only a collector will inquire on these, and to be honest, we'd prefer that's who the original prints end up with.

The four version here are:

Standard Version (1st Edition)
Deluxe Version (2nd Edition)
Highly Collectable Version (3rd Edition)
All New 2nd Series (4th Edition)

These original prints include the rare 1st and 2nd edition prints from 2013, which were discontinued early due to reasons beyond our control. These same reasons are why we still have a few prints available even after a decade.

Regarding the 1st and 2nd editions, they are also known as the Standard edition and Deluxe edition, both released simultaneously in 2013. The primary differences between them lie in the cover designs and the addition of a 16-minute track featuring skit outtakes and songs exclusive to the Deluxe edition.

Following the 4th edition, the album went out of print for a period, and considering its availability on streaming services, there seemed to be no immediate need for a 5th edition to be printed. However, due to continuous inquiries from dedicated fans of Corpse Circus and collectors of Garbage Pail Kids, the demand for its physical release remained strong. Consequently, in response to this persistent demand, a special 10th-anniversary edition of the album was launched in 2023.

Notable Differences of each version (besides artwork):

1st Edition: 29 tracks (each skit and song is on it's own track, later editions joined skits to the ends of tracks to cut down the playlist length)

2nd Edition: 30 tracks (include a 16 min bonus track of outtakes and music)

3rd Edition: 20 tracks including the song "More Garbage" included midway into playlist (the last track has a skit "I'm not sleepy yet" added to the end of track #20, which can be found in the bonus track on other versions)

4th Edition: 20 Tracks also contains the song "More Garbage" as well (the last track has 2nd edition bonus track attached at the end of it)

  • 1st Edition
    8 available 89%
  • 2nd Edition
    9 available 100%
  • 3rd Edition (BDR7037)
    1 available 20%
  • 4th Edition (BDR7043)
    6 available 86%