Mind of the Grimm Rapper (CD)

Mind of the Grimm Rapper (CD)

The Mind of the Grimm Rapper:
The Grimm Rapper is one of the founding members of California-based rap group, Corpse Circus.
Originally released in 2007, "Mind of The Grimm Rapper" was The Grimm Rapper's first and only solo album.
The original version was distributed in very limited quantities in slim jewel cases with only cover art.
This listing is for the 2009 re-release on Brain Damage
Records, which is also packaged with Killator's "Mixtape Volume 1" (on the same disc).
"Mind of The Grimm Rapper" contains now classic Corpse Circus tracks including
'Disgruntled Employee,' 'Sad Song,' 'Scrubby Fresh' and more.

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