Killator "Garbage" Signed Holographic Sticker

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Killator "Garbage" Signed Holographic Sticker

This is a pre-order item.

Please note these are not actual trading cards, but are trading card size and have a printed back like that of a trading card, which is signed & numbered.

This Holographic sticker is limited to 25 printed and has a signed and numbered card back. These are free if you are one of the first 25 people to purchase a bundle..

HOWEVER, our sticker place printed 15 extra and sent them to us (which happens sometimes with stickers but usually only 2 or 3 extra, but hey, we aren't complaining), so we have decided to put those extras up for individual purchase.

These will be numbered as Artist Proof and Number. Example: AP1/25, AP2/25 etc.

We are being transparent about any exceptions in numbering, in this case, we could not have predicted they would send 15 extras, and we realize collectors will want to snag one or two.. so here is your chance. all other numbered and signed items should be limited to their anticipated numbering, in some cases fewer.

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