"Paid to the Grave" Logo Beanie

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"Paid to the Grave"  Logo Beanie

Killator's new "Paid to the Grave" Logo beanie

About this item:

A long 12 inch beanie, with the Paid to the Grave logo stitched directly into the beanie, holy shit that is wild!

The image is embroidered on an unrolled (not folded) 12 inch beanie.

Killator never rolls his beanies, he wears them with a reservoir tip, like a condom..

Listen we said "12 inches", "dick", and "head" in this description, that should be enough to get your juices going, so spread that wallet open and pull out a wad of money to blow on this item. (yup, bonus sexy words in the that sentence).

Made in the U.S.A.

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