CC Posters by Corefolio

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CC Posters by Corefolio

12x18 Poster, printed on heavy duty paper. Thick stock (these posters are thicc af)

Full color, limited print.

Shipped in a tube with plastic endcaps, because we know you like that extra protective shipping.

Want Killator to sign it? Just ask in the notes of your order.

Note: Prints might have some slight wear on corners, however if you slap it in a frame nobody will ever know (and we sure as fuck won't tell them either).

  • CC Fight
    13 available 100%
  • Pink Grimm
    20 available 100%
  • Blue Grimm
    13 available 93%
  • Blue Killy
    11 available 100%
  • Purple Killy
    13 available 100%