Killator "Garbage" Deluxe Holographic Sticker Cover - Signed (10th Anniversary Editon)

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Killator "Garbage" Deluxe Holographic Sticker Cover - Signed (10th Anniversary Editon)

Please note: This edition will be limited to the number sold during pre-order rounded up to the nearest 5, and this print shall not exceed 50 printed.

Example of how the print number will be decided: If we sell 39 then we round up to 45 printed. If 50 are sold, then only 50 are printed. We will be transparent about the exact number sold to maintain exclusivity and rarity to this anniversary celebration.

One last note about pricing: We understand some people might be upset this edition cost as much as it does, this is due to the cost of producing this item and we can not lower the price for this version. For those of you who want the new remastered audio, but can not afford this high-end packaging we offer a standard version with a regular cover, black disc tray, and un-signed for 1/3 of the price.


Introducing the 10th Anniversary Edition of Killator's "Garbage"! This highly anticipated release fulfills Killator's long-standing desire to improve the skit mixdowns, which have been remastered for an enhanced listening experience. The over all master of the album is also improved, and the levels of songs are balanced with better precision as well. We gave this special edition release the works.

In addition to the remastered skits and the slight changes in the song audio levels, this special edition includes the bonus track from the previously out-of-print "Garbage" Deluxe version. While it's important to note that certain phrases used in the past decade may now be considered offensive, such as "Donald Trump," the decision has been made to preserve the album in its original form, including all offensive language and audio.

While there were initial plans to incorporate longer versions of songs or replace tracks with alternate remixes or original versions, it was ultimately deemed that only the skits warranted modification to ensure an improved listening experience.

This limited edition release features a Holographic Sticker Cover with a back print, and is signed and numbered under a clear disc tray. As well features a redone version of the original cover art for "Garbage" should you decide to use your sticker cover as an actual sticker (which holy fucking shit DO NOT do that).

If you do not need such a fancy edition, we got you covered, there is a cheaper version with a standard black tray and a regular cover.

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